My New York Dream

The art of Ernesto Graditi has an expressive powerful force voted to fathom the most intimate research of the Ego. As the characters of his extraordinary pictorial work Normannesimo he wants to conquest new lands, as artistic as geographical territories, and so arrives to a Total art. This kind of art embraces different forms of creativity, from drawing, painting to the fashion. As a faber artist Graditi , with hisfashion creations, precious and original, he joins folklore and history.
In his recent production the human physiognomy is comparable to that of the tree, as in this cycle. This tree-man receives its lifeblood from the Earth and he is outstretched to the sky. In a continuous movement between the immanence and the transcendence, fantastic cities, towers, skyscrapers, naturalistic elements, male and female figures, unfold. These elements belong to a Cosmos where architecture and nature live together with new elements as Knights and Arabesque components. This cycle becomes the artist’s projection of an idealized reality, and also is inspired to New York city, where the artist likes to go.