Ernesto Graditi was born in Misilmeri (PA), February 5th, 1972. His artistic career began in 1990, after meeting Francesco Tripoli, a painter specializing in the human figure. Tripoli soon became his personal mentor, and the person most responsible for his development, both as an artist and as a person. In 1993, Graditi received his “Diploma di Maturità Scientifica,” (Diploma of Scientific Excellence) from the Liceo Scientifico Albert Einstein di Palermo (The Albert Einstein School of Science, Palermo.) He first exhibited his works on March 14th, 1992 at the Guttuso Hall of the Comitini Palace in Palermo together with a collection of works from various artists under the theme, “Visions of Palermo”, receiving a plaque and certificate of participation with the master artist, Giambecchina. Later that year, October 18th, he participated in the 4th International Painting Competition in Sanremo, Italy at the Hotel Des Entrangs – Circolo Culturale di San Giuseppe, receiving 2nd prize in the Graphics Category. From the 7th to the 18th of November, he participated in the “Premio Asla 1992” (The 25th edition of the international painting show), at the Ars Nova in Palermo, receiving the 3rd prize in the Graphics Category. On June 3rd, 1993 Graditi participated in a travelling show of projects in memory of slain Judge Giovanni Falcone, “Un’architettura per non dimenticare” (An unforgettable architecture), organized by the Faculty of Achitecture of Palermo at the Palazzo delle Aquile. In July, Graditi returned to the Guttuso Hall at the Palazzo Comitini in Palermo to exhibit his art at the “Mostra collettiva d’arte figurative 1993” (Art exhibition for works of the human figure). Later that year, he created a commemorative post card in honor of the fallen pilot from Misilmeri, Giovani Bonanno, recipient of the military’s golden medal of valor, who was shot down in 1943 in the skies over Candemour. In December 1994, he participated in the show “Prima collective del piccolo dipinto” (First collective of the small painting) organized by the Gallery of the Center for Research and Studies “Space 3000”. In February of 1995, he showed his artworks in Cesenatico, at the “Trofeo Arte nel Mondo” (World’s Art Trophy) – The 11th International Competition. In July of 1996 at the Villa Niscemi in Palermo, Graditi again showed his art at the exhibition “The Colors of the Sun”. From February 23rd to March 9th 1997 he took his works to the show “Exploration #1” at the G. Sucato Art Center in Misilmeri. On the 16th of August, 1998 he took part in an impromptu painting event in the historic center of the city of Misilmeri, creating a work entitled, “The Knight of the Culture”. In the year 2000, during a special celebration at the Giannettino military base in Trapani, Colonel di Lana of the 60th Infantry battalion took a solemn oath and Graditi captured the moment by creating a commerative postcard. He followed that up by painting four murals on the walls of the CCS Company at the very same military base. In the year 2001, Graditi began to study the art and the history of the Normans. He obtained his Degree in Architecture in 2002 from the University of Palermo. His graduation thesis was entitled, “The historical weaving of the tapestry of Bayeux (Normandy)” narrating the story that saw the Norman conquest of England led by Guglielmo the Conquerer after the celebrated battle of Hastings. In 2002 the City of Misilmeri commissioned him to design and redesign the city’s official coat of arms. From 2002 to 2003 he frequently visited Rome’s IED (European Institute of Design) receiving a Master of Set Design for Cinema and Television degree, studying under dozens of teachers from the world of film and television such as Graziella Pera, Pino Quini, Alida Cappellini, Luigi Marchione, Francesca Sartori and Stefano Paltrinieri. In that time period, he was the Assistant Set Designer for the film “Prendimi e portami via” (catch me and take me away) produced by Verdecchi, starring Valeria Golino, F. Laganà, and Nino Frassica, directed by Tonino Zangardi, and written by Enrico Serafini. From the 14th to the 17th of November 2004, he participated in the “2nd INTERCULTURAL FORUM – Core values for intercultural dialogue towards a Europe of all citizens” in Troina at the Citadel of the Oasis, where he previewed two of the works from his pictorial series, “Normannesimo” (Normanism). In May 2006 at the Villa Merlo in Ficarazzi, at the Medieval show, “The Giardina’s, princes of Ficarazzi in the Court of Mussomeli”, he was the speaker for his project “Normannesimo” and immediately followed that up at a similar Medieval show, “Stories, battles, traditions and culture of a time”, relating to the Norman conquest of Sicily. On August 19th, 2006 in Trabia, he participated in the 1st Competition of impromptu painting of the City of Trabia, organized by the I.S.A. Creative Federation Trade Union. From 2005 until 2008 he has been an expert teacher of design and painting and directs the expressive arts laboratories of several schools in Palermo and the surrounding Province. Graditi’s pictorial series “Normannesimo” was acquired by the Office of Cultural Heritage of the Region of Sicily in 2006 and today is on permanent display at the Regional Museum of Natural History and Permanent Exhibition of the Sicilian Cart in Terrasini, province of Palermo. Since the summer of 2006, he has created many performances throughout Sicily, which integrate design, dance and music. In the town of Erice, Graditi presented a play called, “Elvira and Ruggero”,did the same in misilmeri with the play “The battle of Misilmeri” , and at the Church of the Agony in Palermo for “The World” (Global Association for the Protection and Enhancement of the Human Identity) in partnership with Medins (Mediterranean Intangible Space) he made live paintings directly on the coppole (the traditional hat of Sicily) and ties. Since the academic year 2007/2008 he has been a contracted teacher of the subjects of The History and Technology of Design, and Chemistry for Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage at the University of Palermo, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy. He has received the 1st prize as Artist of the year 2009 in Misilmeri (Pa). From march 2008 is membership at the Galerie St. Gorge in New York.

In October 2008 he presented his work “Normannesimo” in New York, at Saint Jones University and in Chicago at the Italian Institute of culture. In May 2009 he presented his pictorial cycle “Death and Resurrection” at Saint George Gallery in New York. In 2010 he created the fashion brand EG Ernesto Graditi. In  February 2011 he presented the pictorial cycle “My New York dream” at the “Circolo Ufficiali” in Palermo. In March 2011 he has received the 1st prize as Artist of the year 2010 in Misilmeri (Pa). In March 2012 he presented the pictorial cycle “Interconnecting lives” at the Leonardo Gallery in Toronto. In March 2012 he has received the 1st prize as Artist of the year 2011 in Misilmeri (Pa).In 2012 he participated at the “ Legality Night” in Misilmeri (PA), with his performance “the mutilation of legality”, a paint donated to the Museum  “Rocco Chinnici”.