Love and duty
“Love and duty”, oil on canvas, cm 80×120, 2013
“Are not those women who care only of their stature, their appearence, and that love of coquetry, against their will, for lack of attention, with despair, bring children into the world abandoning them to the nurses, are not those that follow the various educational courses, speak of “psycho-motor centers” and “differentiation” and try, also to free themselves from motherhood to not disturb their folly, that they call their intellectual development – but are the women-mothers, who, being able to free themselves from maternity leave, without hesitation, with deliberate purpose, submit to this law eternal, immutable, knowing that here is the whole mission of their lives, these women are mothers, they hold in their hands the salvation of men, the healing of their oppressive misery”.(Tolstoy).

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