Elvira and Ruggero

The show is inspired by the melting love story between King Roger II of Altavilla and wife Elvira of Castile-Leon, history that comes from the diagrams of the time. Marriages in the Middle Ages was essentially a political affair, how to forge alliances, and to increase the extent of its domain or to ascend socially. For the sentiments there was space: husband and wife had not put to words and met for the first time at the time of engagement or marriage. The love of “Elvira and Ruggero” hand was sincere and full of passion. But unfortunately, Elvira, in early February 1135, fell ill of a very serious illness that killed at thirty-fifth years. His death touched King Roger to the point that “locked up for several days in the chamber, did not see anyone except a few intimate friends, so it came to pass that, having gradually spread the news, it was believed dead, not only by those who were far, but also their neighbors. ” The emotional reaction to the death of Roger was out of the ordinary. Is emblematic the fact that the King in the following years does not mark a new marriage. There was need, as the dynastic continuity was ensured by the five sons by involving Elvira. Roger then rejected the idea of having a queen side and content to concubines. Only 15 years after the death of Elvira, when he was alive only one of five children, the King decided to contract a second marriage.